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What is Mark Purinton's occupation?

December 30, 2009

I am a Hardware/Firmware/Software Release Engineering Manager, who manages one or two Release Engineers to develop the infrastructure, processes, delivery mechanisms and documentation for Enterprise and Embedded Software, Windows and Linux applications.

I document and train Technical Managers, Hardware and Software developers to access CAD (Cadence), SCM (IBM ClearCase, MKS Integrity, Subversion/CVS, Git...), build environments (GHS Integrity, WindRiver VxWorks, GNU Open Source RTOS, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for Windows...), running of development tools (Open Source editors and debuggers, Visual SlickEdit, GHS Probe, WindRiver ICE, Microsoft Remote Debugger...) so they are able and have the time to make good decisions on the task at hand.

I am analytical, resourceful, big-picture aware, when it comes to problem solving and getting progress where no progress seems to being made on a project or task.

I understand thoroughly that the Release process is one of the High-tech Hardware or Software Lifecycle processes, which is paid little or no attention until the due date arrives.  I can address the Release processes early in the development process by gathering requirements and setting up the necessary processes in order for it not to be in the critical path.

I enjoy a challenge and being a Release... [More]

Tags: applications, automation scripting, build, c, c#, c++, deploy, design, document, embedded, enterprise, enterprise linux, hardwarefirmwaresoftware release engineering manager, java, linux, microsoft windows, mobile, real-time, software, web-clientserver automation

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